Last Call

This is the first excerpt from the new album I am working on. I hope you enjoy it.

Special thanks to Jérèmy Mioque from “Jelly Bean” for his invaluable friendship, support, and Minimoog bass line on this very track.

New release: bugyell by sober philistine

This compilation is made of two tracks composed with a dear friend of mine, Glen Fobister, who was making music under the name of bugyell. He passed away in January 2014 as he was in the process of writing a novel entitled sueisfine. He wanted us to work on its soundrack in order to release it as an audiobook. 

Due to a tragic turn of events, we were unfortunately unable to take this project to its completion. These two tracks are now available for you to listen to, enjoy and share with fellow music enthusiasts. 

The first of these two tracks, Write My Name In Water, was originally a demo written by bugyell. He asked me to rework it with the view of including it to the soundtrack. 

The second track, Wake Up, was meant to be used as music for the final scene of the novel where the main protagonists - a rock band called Orpheus Smashed to Pieces! - are playing their very last gig. 

I hope you will enjoy listening to them as much as I did working on them with him.